fashion LEIGH’S LIST: ‘I found the best wire-free bras that are comfy AND supportive.’ Leigh Campbell

Welcome to Leigh’s List. A weekly column, a bit like an agony aunt, but for your shopping woes. A self-confessed shopping addict, Leigh Campbell enjoys nothing more than hunting down the *thing* you’ve been searching for but haven’t been able to find.

Stacey asked:

“I hate bras. They’re so uncomfortable and all I can think about all day is ripping it off. Leigh, I’ve heard you talk about wearing non-wired bras in the past, and I think this might be my solution. Can you please share your favourite bras without underwire? Me and my boobs thank you!”

Leigh answered:

You are not alone. I am here with you – in the bra hating club. If I had a dollar for every bra I’ve tried, well, I’d still be very out of pocket considering how much money I have spent over the decades trying to find the goldilocks of chest support.

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Video via Access Hollywood.

The good news is, I have some winners! Comfy, not totally hideous, and inconspicuous under clothes – all the things I look for.