fashion LEIGH’S LIST: ‘Planning a trip this year? Here’s the best luggage that ticks all the boxes.’ Leigh Campbell

Welcome to Leigh’s List. A weekly column, a bit like an agony aunt, but for your shopping woes. A self-confessed shopping addict, Leigh Campbell enjoys nothing more than hunting down the *thing* you’ve been searching for but haven’t been able to find.

Amelia asked:

“Hi, Leigh! Back to work blues have got me planning some weekends away and maybe a bigger trip for this coming year. 

I know you travel a lot, and so I was hoping you could share your favourite suitcases and luggage options? 

It has been many, many years since I’ve invested in new suitcases and my old ones are heavy and tattered. Thank you!”

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Leigh answered:

“Truth is, I have far more luggage than is normal, or that my family needs. 

It’s because it can be tricky finding the right cases that truly deliver what you need. It’s not until you’re off on your journey that you work out exactly what’s helpful when it comes to carting your stuff from place to place.