fashion Quiet luxury is having a moment, but hijabi women have been paving the path for decades. Basmah Qazi

Richie being credited for making modesty a trend felt like a slap in the face for many women who have been dressing that way their entire lives. 

“I think it’s a case of someone who is ‘socially accepted’ making something that’s been present for so long trendy. Sofia Richie definitely didn’t invent or pioneer anything, she is just wealthy enough to invest in more refined, timeless pieces that happened to be modest,” Nawal tells Mamamia.

“How she dresses now is how I’ve seen women in my community dress forever. I think it’s made the modest fashion community mad to think why when she — or women who look like her — wears a high-neck maxi dress it’s considered ‘quiet luxury’ and ‘classy’ but when a Muslim woman wears it, it’s ‘backwards’ and ‘tasteless’.”

Of course, modest dressing isn’t just exclusive to the Muslim community. 

There are plenty of Jewish and Christian women who also choose to cover up, however, none are as heavily scrutinised as a woman who wears the hijab.

The hijab is seen as a symbol of oppression and a piece of fabric that’s so restrictive that women are unable to live their lives — that is until a supermodel wears it as a fashion statement, then it’s ‘chic’ or the ‘accessory of the season’.