fashion Still need to sort your outfit for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour? We’ve found 47 great options. Basmah Qazi

If you were lucky enough to score tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour then please don’t speak to me, because after multiple attempts, hours in front of my screen and So. Many. Tears, I was still left empty-handed.

It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ve moved on, I’m not bitter at all. 

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I’ve already decided that I’ll be staying off Instagram on the nights she’s here in Australia because there is no way I’m going to watch all of you have fun and exchange friendship bracelets while I sit at home and wonder what I did to deserve such injustice. 

Anyway, because my mum raised me right, I’ve told myself to celebrate everyone else’s wins, and to prove my intentions, I’m going to help you find your perfect Eras Tour Outfit.

Whether you’re a Speak Now girly or more of a Folklore fan, take a look at our fashion guide for each era. 

Also, if this helps you, you can show your appreciation by flicking me a ticket. Thanks.

Let’s get into it!