fashion The $160 dress by an Aussie label Taylor Swift wore on date night. Erin Docherty

No. But our best friend Taylor Swift just went on a date night wearing an Aussie fashion label and we’re all feeling a little bit giddy and happy about it. And proud? Randomly really proud.

It somehow also doesn’t cost $4,000. Meaning? Maybe you and I could wear it, too.


Watch: Taylor Swift announces her new album at the 2024 Grammy Awards. Post continues below.

The singer was spotted¬† with NFL-star boyfriend Travis Kelce in London (in case you haven’t heard, the Grammy-winner is still on her tour! With a royal-worthy bunch of fans!) wearing Brisbane-based fashion brand VRG GRL.¬†


Pairing the colourful ’70s-inspired ‘Myra’ Crochet Mini-Dress In Apricot with chunky yellow Gucci heels, the crochet mini dress features long boho-type sleeves. It’s described on the website of having “a relaxed fitting style with stretch that will have you feeling bold, yet effortless and comfortable”.

We love bold and comfortable!

And you guys, it’s $159.