fashion ‘The 333 method is the best way to get dressed in the morning. Here’s how I do it.’ Basmah Qazi

Capsule wardrobes to 2024 is what velour tracksuits were in the early noughties — everyone is jumping on board. But the difference between the two is that a well-rounded capsule wardrobe will carry you through for years, unlike your Juicy Couture matching set that is most likely sitting at the back of your closet somewhere gathering dust.

I know the word ‘capsule’ can feel overused at times, especially if you love trying new trends and shopping for more unconventional pieces. However, one of the biggest misconceptions I see surrounding capsule wardrobes as a fashion writer is that it has to be ‘boring’ to work.

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A plain white tee, light-wash blue denim and a pair of sneakers you can wear with everything seems to be all anyone ever promotes. But what about when you actually want to wear colour or have fun with their fashion? 

Enter the ‘333’ method. As a mathematically challenged person who hates numbers, the 333 method terrified me when I first came across the concept on TikTok. But once I did a deep dive, I realised it was pure genius.

What is the 333 method?

TLDR, the 333 method requires you to pick out nine items you already own from your wardrobe — three tops, three bottoms and three pairs of shoes — and challenges you to create as many outfits as possible using these items.