fashion The 6 ‘rules’ to follow when wearing sneakers with jeans. Basmah Qazi

If you’re new to sneaker land and want to know exactly how to style them, then keep reading because I’m kicking off lesson #1: The dos and don’ts of wearing sneakers with jeans.


Show some ankle.

Yes, I’m aware that Gen Z has banned no-show socks and showing your ankles, but as someone who is close to 30, I’m not taking fashion advice from the youth. Showing a little ankle is a great way to create balance in an outfit, think cropped jeans with a pair of Adidas Sambas. It also lets the shoe shine, so perfect if your sneakers make a statement.

If your sneakers have a platform, wear longer-length jeans.

If you prefer a chunkier sole on your sneaker then you need to get yourself a pair of wide-leg, long jeans. There’s something so edgy and street about your sneaker peaking out from underneath the hem of your oversized jeans.