fashion The 7 outdated style rules you didn’t realise you were following. Basmah Qazi

As a fashion writer, I despise ‘fashion rules’. I consider them to be arbitrary and judgemental. I mean, who decided that women with wide torsos can’t wear horizontal stripes? Or that black and brown don’t go together? Who gave anyone the right to be the fashion police? So many questions, so few answers.

Watch: Jessica Vander Leahy Speak On Australian Fashion And Body Diversity. Post continues below.

Rules are meant to be broken, especially when you’re wanting to express yourself creatively. Think back to the outfits that have inspired you. What did you like about it? There’s a chance that the same look that caught your attention, threw the rule book out the window and followed a guideline instead.

You see, the reason I like the term ‘guideline’ is because each person can write up their own version, depending on their taste and lifestyle. Guidelines are also optional, so if you don’t feel like following it, then that’s a-okay.

So, now that I’ve let out my frustrations, here are all the fashion rules I consider to be outdated.

Rule #1: You can’t mix metals when wearing jewellery.

Wear ALL the metals! Image: Instagram @mejuri.