fashion The best inclusive brands you’ve probably never heard of, according to a plus-size content creator. Melissa Doughty

As a fashion content creator, I spend my days getting lost in the world of clothes. 

However, being plus size in the world of fashion isn’t always easy. The industry rarely sees us as equals and often makes it really hard for anyone above a size 16 to ‘fit in’ — quite literally. 

I have been plus size for as long as I can remember. So as a young adult I found myself having to buy clothes just because they fit me, rather than because I loved them or they made me feel confident. 

Clothes are meant to represent who we are — they’re the first thing someone sees when they meet us and they’re meant to reflect our personality. 

Plus size or straight size, I think all women deserve to feel fabulous in what they’re wearing which is why I started my Instagram account a few years ago with that goal in mind. 

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The fashion industry is so far behind when it comes to inclusivity, so we rarely see sizes larger than a 16 in our retail stores. Which is why it’s so important to shine a light on the brands that are doing inclusivity so well and making women feel and look amazing.