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Oh, you’re into Pilates? You like cardio? My sport is shopping. It’s a weird thing to be good at, but after nearly a decade at a shopping magazine, and then more years spent as an editor, I honed a knack for finding the stuff that’s particularly good. Not just good. The great stuff. The unique! The brilliant! The gems! Now that I’m a mother of two, the bulk of my sport happens online, in the depths of the night, by the glow of a computer screen. But even between running my own business, coordinating an extreme amount of extracurriculars and Googling how to make something other than a Vegemite sandwich for lunchboxes, I can’t quit that highly trained eye being perpetually on the hunt. So, here’s where I’m shopping right now.  

This is the site that got me on Nothing To Wear podcast. It’s an online store that does an exceptional job of curating natural wines from Australia and beyond. They offer great (read: really fast) shipping options if you’re in Sydney (where they’re based). I don’t do much drinking, but I am always down to gift it, and the buyer responsible for the other categories (that they call Objects and Gifts and Pantry) really should get a raise. It’s all the things I want to buy. Like, every single thing. Ever since I found this gorgeously chic wine carrier to tote a bottle of champagne to a friend’s party, it’s the only way I want to gift bubbles or bottles from now on. It’s how Hermès would do a wine bottle bag if they made one, but it costs $22.

Honoré Leatherworks Leather Bottle Back

Honorè Leatherworks – Leather Bottle Bag. Image: NotWasted

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I just love a disruptor story. A brand that enters a traditional (sometimes dull, flat) market and genuinely provides a new or alternative solution just makes me root for them. There’s a whole generation of women who were jack of how uncomfortable bras could be, especially those with underwire. This brand caters to a huge array of cup sizes, in colours your granny wouldn’t wear (harder to find than you expect, if you’re bigger than a B cup).

Nala Support Wirefree Bralette

Support Wirefree Bralette. Image: Nala

This Byron Bay-based label, which started out as a linen and loungewear brand, is absolutely killing the game with their ready-to-wear designs. Considered, sophisticated and simple without being humdrum – it’s all that and then some. The shirt with the oversized collar is sold out, but their riff on pants is always cool. 

Deiji Studios Bartack Pants

Bartack Pant. Image: DeijiStudios

I’m a big-time dopamine dresser, but I’m also 42, so dressing with joy while also being age-appropriate can be a bit of a tightrope. I have lots of pieces from this beautiful brand (another one based in the Rainbow Region!) and they always make me feel great. They’re not under-the-radar (their swim and beach cover-ups are much beloved) but don’t sleep on their transeasonal pieces. This set is the new season equivalent of the linen co-ords that we’ve all worn all summer, and the fact that it’s all cotton and wool (no polyester in site!) appeals to me on so many levels.

Zulu & Zephyr Pink Ombre Merino Blend Knit Top

Pink Ombre Merino Blend Knit Top and Pant. Image: Zulu & Zephyr

This local label only launched last year, but I love their considered approach to fashion and dedication to quality. This 100 per cent wool knit (another thing which can be hard to find!) is a life-long wear.

Tokyn Carla Wool Cardigan – Cream

Carla Wool Cardigan – Cream. Image: Tokyn

This also isn’t an under-the-radar label by any stretch, but I don’t think they get enough props for the excellent job they do of their wardrobe pieces for adults. Despite the will I have to be a chic, minimalist dresser, I’m like a moth to a flame for playful colour and high-octane prints. There’s a cool, irreverence in their fashion, for people who don’t take dressing too seriously. And their online store has an excellent program for loyal shoppers. 

Kip&Co Sparkles Adult Puffa Jacket

Sparkles Adult Puffa Jacket. Image: Kip&Co

It’s not exciting to talk about basics that aren’t boring, but they are the true workhorses of the wardrobe, especially since I am currently the mother of a toddler. Venroy does simple while still feeling like you gotta-have-it. I love that this is Grandpa- and golf-chic, but made fresh in slightly sheer silk. Pair it with blue jeans and gold jewellery and it is *chef’s kiss.*

Venroy Relaxed Silk Knitted Polo

Relaxed Silk Knitted Polo. Image: Venroy

This excellent (female-founded!) Australian label do frequent drops of new collections that have me always picking a fave piece. They also do a phenomenal range of sizes, and their online store shows every single item on multiple body shapes, so if you’re not a size 8-10, you don’t have to visualise whether it works for someone with curves. Their latest collection includes this set, which is made of cotton voile (a whisper-light, breathable cotton fabric that is always my absolute favourite to wear). 

Bohemian Traders Galaxy pants and button up shirt

Galaxy Elastic Waist Pant in Space Dot. Image: Bohemian Traders

I discovered this Sydney-born brand years ago when I needed something breezy, easy and beautiful for a model to wear on the set of a shoot that I was creative directing. It feels incredible, is 100% cotton (are you getting the picture that I’m very particular about fabric yet? Natural fibres FTW!) and is exactly how I want to dress on an average day (if I can get out of my bike shorts and leggings). Wear with an oversized denim jacket and worn-in leather accessories. Timeless. Effortless. Comfortable. Still cool.

Honour Apparel The Bragg Pants and The La La Top

The La La Top/The Bragg Pant. Image: Honour Apparel

Hot tip: the one thing that makes anyone look like a finder-of-great-things on the internet is shopping customisable. I have bought many (many!) things from this local brand who boast an incredibly impressive turnaround time on their custom orders. These sweatshirts, which they embroider with a child’s drawing or handwriting, have gotten a big run amongst my friends and family – it’s sweet and the quality is great too. 

Kids Drawing Oversized Unisex Custom Sweaters. Image: Sweater Club

Leakproof knickers, but not as you know them. This brilliant Aussie innovator is bringing luxurious fabrication and (yes, seriously even) style to period wear. Their site has great info and resources too. I’ll never understand exactly how leakproof thongs work, but this one does, so let’s just go with it. 

Femmze Leakproof Bodysuit

Leakproof BodySuit. Image: Femmze

Flat shoes aren’t often sexy and exciting but after a career in magazines when I wore Very High Shoes every single day, I’ve pretty much hung up my heels for good (does pregnancy throw out your balance forever? Why, since having children, do my feet just not feel the same? This is a conversation for another day…). Luckily, there’s this local hero which make very cool, very fun, very comfy flats, like this pair which are simple and practical, without being a total snooze. 

Radical Yes Ginny Strappy Sandal 

Ginny Strappy Sandal. Image: Radical Yes

This kid’s store (the online home of a great boutique in the Sunshine Coast) has a standout curation of the very best children’s stuff from around the globe. I like to dress my daughter in things I’d want to wear, so this hits the spot. Don’t click if your weakness is beautiful toys (like me).

Bill’s Store Crochet Flower Top

Mini Flower Crochet Top. Image: Bill’s Store

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