fashion The only 7 pairs of shoes you need in your wardrobe. Basmah Qazi

Most people sit in one of two camps: Either you collect shoes as if your entire life depends on it, scared that if you don’t buy that feathery pair of sky-high stilettos, then everything around you will come crumbling down.

Or, you own two pairs that are falling apart at the seams. 

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Whatever side you belong on, just know that this is a judgement-free zone. It has to be, because I’m still haunted by 17-year-old me who spent her life savings on a pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots with giant studs at the back of them.

I had convinced myself that I was going to wear them every single day, and that they’d go with everything.

I wore them once. 

This is them…

The shoes my teenage self thought I was going to be wearing all the time. Image: Jeffrey Campbell.