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On this week’s episode Nothing To Wear, my guest Zara Wong and I chatted about capsule wardrobes. Having a considered edit of items that mix and match makes sense in so many ways, BUT if we all follow the same formula there’s a risk it can start to feel a bit uniform-like.

Zara made an excellent point that your capsule wardrobe should be individual to you. While my personal taste means I definitely lean towards the classic capsule suggestions of a white tee, trench coat and blue jeans, they might not be items in someone else’s 10 percent.

With that in mind, I’ve pulled together an edit of some less typical capsule pieces. 

Image: Atmos&Here, The Iconic.

A simple slip skirt is often suggested for a capsule wardrobe, but a knit skirt or fabric with texture or a simple pattern is another great option. It adds interest but will still mix and match with lots of other pieces. 


Not just for teens or to wear with ripped jeans, a band or printed tee looks great with tailored pants or a skirt, or shorts and boots with a blazer. Think of it like your classic white tee, only a bit more fun. 

Image: ONTE.

Quality knit jumpers will always get worn in winter, but consider a cardigan as their more versatile sister. Wear it buttoned up as a top, or open as a layering piece. 

Image: Target.

If you already have a trench coat and a blazer (or they’re not your style), consider a bomber jacket. Great with jeans, they also look cool over a dress. I wear mine on top of my activewear in the cooler months, too. 

Image: Witchery.

Classic blue jeans are often the go-to, but a stylish pair of white or cream jeans do the same job. Not just for summer, white is so stylish in winter with more white or cream, or navy, beige and tan or grey. 

Image: DISSH.

I have a few classic knit dresses and they’re a huge staple in my wardrobe. An MVP for travel because they don’t need ironing, they’re an outfit all by themselves. I also layer a long sleeve top or turtleneck underneath in winter. So versatile. 

Image: Midas.

I bought a pair of ‘convertible’ loafers a few years ago and have been surprised with how much use I get out of them. Wear then the classic way with the heel closed in, or fold the soft leather down at the back to create a slipper style. 

Image: Glassons.

A good tank top or cami is a staple, but a simple bandeau top can often take their place. The straight-across neckline offers a clean silhouette that layers perfectly under blazers and jackets, and in summer a top like this goes with shorts, maxi skirts and, well, everything. 

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