fashion The petite clothing brands you need to add to your radar. Basmah Qazi

Stocking your wardrobe with clothes that suit you, your style and the vibe you want to give off to the world is difficult at the best of times, and if you’re petite, it just adds another variable to the mix.

The average Australian woman does not have supermodel proportions, but it seems so many brands are failing to recognise that. Instead, they’re choosing to cater to the vertically blessed among us!

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Shorter women are stuck with jeans that pool at the bottom of their ankles, and it’s become the norm to spend extra on tailoring. 

But with pieces like playsuits and dresses, that can be a little trickier. 

So I’ve been on the hunt to find ranges specifically for girls 5’3 and under or that provide plenty of sizing options so you can find perfectly fitting pieces. 

Keep reading to see the petite brands I recommend adding to your rotation.