fashion The shoes everyone is going to be wearing this autumn. Basmah Qazi

It’s time to accept that whether you like it or not, ballet flats are not going anywhere. 

Yes, those same ballet flats that exacerbated your foot pain and smelt like sweat back in the 2010s.

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Except now, I’m happy to report that they’ve been given a slight upgrade. Would your podiatrist approve? Probably not, but most of them are far more supportive than the ones we wore to high school.

Towards the end of last year, we saw the classic Chanel two-tone ballet flat come back into style, but now, its far edgier sister is gaining traction.

From New York to Paris and now right here in Australia, buckled and studded ballet flats have been spotted on all the cool girls.

So if you too want to jump on the trend, keep reading, because we’ve rounded up the best pairs of flats you won’t be able to take off this autumn.

Image: Billini.