fashion These $25 sneakers are being hailed as the “best dupe” for the Adidas Sambas. Basmah Qazi

The ’90s had Jordans, the 2000s had Air Force 1s, and the 2010s had (now-controversial) Yeezys.

What are the defining sneakers of the 2020s, we hear you ask? Clearly, it’s the Adidas Sambas. 

Despite initial fears they could be a mere passing trend, they’ve proven that they’re here to stay. In fact, Sambas are the brand’s second best-selling style of all time.

Yet, as much as we all love Sambas, one pair will set you back $180, and in this economy, that’s… a lot.

Could there be a perfect dupe out there waiting for us?

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Before we get into the dupes, it’s important to understand why Sambas have risen above all other sneaker styles lately.

The slim-fit sneaker appears unassuming, which is precisely why it’s so appealing. The rubber sole, classic three stripes Adidas is known for, and almond toe-box make this sneaker one of the most versatile on the market.

It also helps that a new colourway is released every week, making it a collector’s dream. 

The original Adidas Sambas. Image: Adidas.