fashion These 7 tips from bra-fitters will completely change your life. Hannah Vanderheide

Finding the right bra is like falling in love.

Once you’ve worn one that truly fits, it’s obvious that every other bra in your wardrobe has been oh so wrong for you. And like any boyfriend who thinks it’s a good idea to transform your home office into a gamer’s paradise, an ill-fitting bra can ruin just your whole damn day.

As a modestly chested lass myself, I always considered investing in bras to be a necessity, but not a priority. I thought you were meant to find them a bit painful, and just accepted that they generally made my outfits look worse instead of better. That was until, at 32 years old, I finally braved that hall of mirrors and invited a perfect stranger into my change room to evaluate my underwear situation.

That’s where I learned it’s not just about finding the right cup size. You need the band size, style, level of coverage and material that feels right for you. That woman changed my life, and I’m happy to report there’s now an online resource that sums up what she taught me.

Enter, Myer’s Bra Fit Guide. Their guide lets you take control of your own chest-iny! It breaks down everything you need to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. 

From finding the right style for your breast shape to working out your cup and band size, so you can feel like you’re wearing a second skin (and not a medieval corset). There’s even a handy international sizing chart for those of us who want to convert our Aussie size to European (and then revert back to US).

Image: Myer.