fashion These ugly sneakers are set to be the next ‘It Shoe’. Basmah Qazi

Thanks to popular sneaker styles like the Adidas Sambas and Gazelles, it feels like we’ve forgotten that sneakers are meant to serve a purpose.

Which means… they’re not always going to look pretty.

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As a fashion writer, I’m constantly scouring the streets to spot the latest trends, and one style that’s been impossible to miss is the sneakers with swiss-cheese soles.

After a bit of digging — and some Google Reverse Image Search-ing — I discovered that the shoe everyone seems to be obsessed with is by a Swiss brand called On.

I’ll admit, I was… confused. 

Why would anyone spend over $200 on a pair of sneakers that aren’t particularly chic? That same day my husband (who happens to be a huge sneakerhead) came home with a pair of his own.

When I asked him how they differ from the millions of pairs he owns already he responded, “they’re SO comfortable”. 

And you know what, shame on me for thinking aesthetics are everything.