fashion ‘They’re an instant wardrobe updater.’ The hardest working shoe every woman should own. FiFi Milne

White shoes. I can see the look on your face right now. Yikes.

Are we really talking about white shoes? I thought you were a fashion expert. But here’s the thing – white shoes are your secret weapon.

They are an instant wardrobe updater. They will change your life. And your wardrobe.

How do I know?

Scientific tests have proved it. My wardrobe is full of white shoes. I have seen the evidence. I know they take your outfit from drab to fab. And it’s not just me. 

Hands up if you have invested in white shoes and have seen the magic happen! (Don’t worry, I know who you are: As a personal shopper I get countless messages from converts who DM every day expressing surprise and joy when they put them on, just saying).

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But first, let me explain the colour.

When I say white shoes, they can actually be cream. Or milk. Or latte. (Even silver is good.) In fact, I’d probably not advise you to wear bright white (almost blue!) shoes. They never look expensive.

Unless they are. 

But as we know: there are a lot of words for snow. So I shall refer to white shoes from now on. And you shall know what I mean.

Which ones, though?

You want a simple shape because you are already getting the impact and fashion oomph from the colour. Or, not colour (!), so you don’t want anything too crazy in terms of style. (Not studs, diamantes or anything glitzy).

Let’s start with white flats.

They’re the item du jour. I love white flats. They might have a pointy toe. They might have a round toe. Slingback or ballet flats.

But if you want a heel, avoid stilettos. White stilettos. Say it out loud: That’s enough to scare anyone. Instead, go for a block heel or a low kitten heel. Chic. Low key. Easy.