fashion This $40 handbag looks exactly like the viral Loewe ‘puzzle’ bag. Basmah Qazi

Since entering the market in 2015, the Loewe Puzzle Bag has cemented itself as the ultimate “cool girl” handbag.

Name a celebrity, influencer, or fashion editor, and chances are they either own it or have been spotted wearing it.

Beyoncé wore a bubblegum pink version to a basketball game a few years back, and Swedish supermodel Elsa Hosk always manages to look put together with her staple tan version.

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There’s just something about the geometric shape, practical size, and different variations that make this handbag so unique and special. It’s unlike anything else on the market, which is why it’ll cost you $5,300 to own.

Luckily for us Aussies, womenswear brand Sussan has released a pretty spot-on alternative for only $39.95.