fashion This is the new ‘It coat’ you’re about to see everywhere. Basmah Qazi

Don’t think too hard.

The key to styling a denim trench coat is not to overthink it. Yes, it can feel overwhelming, however, a denim trench is simply a more elevated version of the classic denim jacket.

Before investing in a denim trench, ask yourself these questions:

“What would I wear with a denim jacket?”

“What goes well with my favourite pair of jeans?”

“Denim usually goes with everything. Does the same apply here?”

And to answer that last question, yes, it does. A denim trench coat opens up a world of possibilities. If your wardrobe leans towards neutral shades and simple patterns, then you’ll love embracing this new trend.

On the other hand, if you prefer bolder prints and brighter colours, you can effortlessly mix and match the denim trench with pieces you already have in your wardrobe.