fashion We found a $39 Kmart dupe for the $550 cult puffer jacket. Basmah Qazi

While it may appear Australia has decided to skip autumn this year, winter will be here to greet us before we know it. 

And when it does, you’ll wanna be prepared with a reliable jacket.

Sure, this season we’re all obsessed with the denim trench coat — well actually just any type of trench coat is a timeless classic to add to your wardrobe — but when the temperature realllly drops that ain’t going to cut it. 

Enter the trusty puffer. 

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If you’ve ever owned a puffer jacket, you know they’re unbeatable for warmth. But it can tricky to find a shape and style that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’re wearing an inflatable garbage bag. 

So opting for a cropped style is a great option for keeping you warm while also not overwhelming your outfit. 

When it comes to function, The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket is top-notch. 

The North Face puffer jacket. Image: North Face.