fashion We found the most bang-on dupes for the $2,000 Chanel Slingback shoes. Basmah Qazi

At Mamamia, we love a good dupe, especially when we’re saving close to $2,000.

Because let’s face it,¬†while designer accessories and clothes are worth swooning over, they aren’t always worth the exorbitant price tag that comes with it. A prime example would be the classic Chanel Slingbacks.

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Are they the most perfect shoe to ever exist? Yes. Do I think they’re worth over $2,000? Eh. And look, if you want to buy the original then, by all means, be my guest. However, I opted for the more affordable option instead.

In case you’re wondering what the $2,000 Chanel Slingbacks look like. Image: Chanel.