fashion We’ve figured out which handbag style suits you best, according to your star sign. Basmah Qazi

If you consider yourself to be a fashion girly, then you probably have an “It bag” or two you’re currently lusting after.

The problem is that there are so many incredible options to choose from, and as much as we would love to own every single style of bag on the market, our bank balances make it a little hard to do so.

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Choosing a bag that fits with your overall style and goes with everything in your wardrobe requires patience, and a lot of research, which is where zodiac signs come in clutch.

So if you’re stuck between buying a top handle or a baguette bag, then keep reading, because we’ve selected the best handbag for each zodiac sign for no particular reason other than that it’s a fun thing to do. 

And we can’t think of a better excuse for bag shopping than saying “ugh, it’s such a Scorpio thing to do”. 

Aries: A tote bag.

It’s no secret that Aries are always restless and on the go, so they’re going to need a bag that can carry everything they need for the day. A tote bag is large enough to fit gym gear, a water bottle and an iPhone charger, as well as anything else you might feel the need to lug around with you.