fashion We’ve found 10 of the most stylish plus-size dresses for summer. Shannen Findlay

I’m careful about what I put in my shopping cart for several reasons. 

Firstly, I’m a big girl with big bits, so I want quality pieces.

Plus-size clothes are also just more expensive and I simply cannot afford to waste my money. 

And lastly, I really, really want to be proud of and use every single piece of clothing I own. 

In 2022, I went 12 months without buying anything clothing-related after realising I owned way too much stuff. I was faced with reality when I found three bodysuits…in the same colour…folded neatly at the back of my wardrobe and I had no memory of buying them.

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12 months on from when I decided I could start buying clothes again, I’ve purchased maybe three or four things I really truly love. 

And with the warmer months upon us, I’ve realised I need to top up my wardrobe with some long-lasting, transitional dresses that make me feel beautiful, fashionable and secure (AKA, I don’t want the boobs flopping about).