fashion We’ve found the best shoes for women with wide feet. Shannen Findlay

Any person with bigger feet knows just what a nightmare it can be to shop for shoes. 

We all want to feel confident with what we wear — and that includes what we put on our feet — but unfortunately, finding sandals, sneakers, flats or heels that look cute and feel comfortable is about as easy as winning the lottery when you have feet that are on the wider side. 

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Luckily for those of us with big hooves, the world is changing — and rapidly. Because all of those adorable shoes that once used to be too difficult to get our big toe to rest comfortably in? Well, now they’re coming in wider fits.

It’s a long overdue form of inclusivity but warmly welcomed nonetheless. 

I reached out to the wider Mamamia community to find out their favourite shoes and brands for bigger feet, and let me just say, they deserve every compliment under the sun because they came THROUGH.

So without further ado, here are the best options for women with wide feet. 

Why we love this brand: Saucony goes up to a size 12 and has plenty of stylish runners and sneakers for wide (and extra wide!) feet.