fashion What we’re all really thinking when we look at photos of these shorts. Erin Docherty

“We just want more pockets to hold chapstick and now you won’t even hold our vagina.”

“Ladies, we baking bread this summer with all this yeast.” 

“I always wanted shorts I could leave on even during my Pap smear.”

“What are these… shorts for ants?!”

“Do these even come in XS or just 12-18 Months?”

“A stiff fart in those shorts would cut you right in half. Pass.”

“Chaps for your flaps.”

“I could not fit one labia in those.”

“Oh cool, they made a hat for my bush.”

“The free people x @pampersus collab that we didn’t ask for.”

We’re done.

Free People: the women have spoken, and they politely decline x

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Feature image: Instagram/@freepeople.

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