fashion Yes, we’re wearing phones like bags now. Here are the best 8 phone straps that are still stylish. Basmah Qazi

We’ve all been there. One minute, our phone is in our hands, safe and sound, and the next it’s on the floor, face down with a cracked screen. It’s one of life’s most devastating moments, especially because you know that fixing the screen is going to cost more than the phone itself.

And while there are ways to avoid this exact scenario from happening — like making sure your phone is housed in a solid cover — none are as effective as a phone strap.

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While it sounds like a gimmick, plenty of people swear by phone straps and if you’re like me and carry your phone around in your hands, then it’s a necessity to avoid any expensive hiccups. Not to mention, they’re chic and come in a multitude of designs, so you can easily match them to your outfit. Think of it as an added accessory.

They also make a great super affordable gift and if you know anyone who is going to a concert (Swifties, we’re looking at you) they’re the perfect hands free option so you can cut shapes on the dancefloor without worrying about dropping your phone.

So if you’re a little clumsy, or you just like the look of phone straps then keep reading, because we’ve rounded up the best ones to suit every budget.