fashion Young millionaires and thousands of missing orders: The White Fox Boutique drama explained. Isabella Ross

Currently, White Fox Boutique is in hot water with customers. 

Now, if you were to scroll through the sea of recent TikTok videos featuring the search query ‘White Fox Boutique’, you won’t see as many try on hauls. Instead, you’ll see customer complaints – thousands still waiting for their orders from a month ago.

“I ordered something on November 28 and it still hasn’t even been dispatched,” one woman said in a TikTok video.

“I ordered it three weeks ago, it has not even been packed or shipped yet. It has just stayed the same. It’s just processing,” another said.

The brand’s Instagram is business as usual though. 

The most recent posts feature glitzy dresses and Christmas unboxings, though the posts have been flooded with comments.

“Can you post my order instead of posting on Instagram.”

“It has been over a month!!! No response?”

“My whole feed is your ambassadors receiving their PR packages, yet your PAYING customers are being pushed to the end of a priority list.”

“During this cost-of-living crisis people have spent their hard earned money to buy Christmas presents from you and yet those gifts won’t be received by Christmas, if at all!”

One of White Fox Boutique’s most recent posts says: “Need a last minute Christmas gift? A White Fox gift card.”