fashion You’re going to want to jump on the puffer jacket bandwagon this winter. Here are 9 of the best. Basmah Qazi

Over the years, the puffer jacket has gone from something your dad wears when he mows the lawn on a Saturday morning, to a wardrobe necessity. Brands like The North Face and AJE Athletica have added their own spin on the classic piece, making it more trendy and feminine and less fisherman-core.

No longer is a puffer considered “ugly”. In fact, it can be just as chic as a trench coat, you just need to find a style that suits you. Personally, I enjoy a longline jacket with a hood, but if you’re planning on wearing it while hiking or working out, something shorter will most likely suit you best.

So if you’re a fan of staying warm, but still want something that looks like Kendall Jenner would wear it, then check out my favourite puffer jackets below — there’s even one for $39!

Image: Kmart.