fitness ‘The secret to how I’ve exercised every day for 20 years.’ Mia Freedman

Oh my lord.

I tried various apps and programs and almost, without exception, I felt pretty terrible about myself after each workout. 

The instructors and the imagery on all the apps I tried were impossible to relate to. They were impossibly young or totally ripped or incredibly thin. The language was all about ‘burning fat’ and ‘blasting kilojoules’ and ‘getting a summer body’ and it all made me feel insecure and demoralised.

For me, it was the opposite of motivating.

Exercise was always something I did to support my physical and mental health and to feel good. Insidiously, while using those apps, I noticed myself becoming more critical of my body and feeling like I wasn’t good enough. Not fit enough. Not young enough. Not ripped enough. Not skinny enough. Not… enough.

Where were the women who looked like me? Where was the inclusivity? Where was the fun and support instead of subtle shaming and exclusion?

A lot of those apps are very successful so they clearly cater to a particular market of women who feel motivated by all that. But why isn’t there an alterative?

The thing I’ve learned about myself over the years is that I am a basic bitch. I’m common. If I have a particular reaction, I know a lot of other women feel the same way and that’s when I realised Mamamia could be part of the solution.