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At 23, Kellie Finlayson’s life was like most young women her age.

She finished university, celebrating the milestone with a European summer holiday, before returning home where she met and started dating Port Adelaide AFL star, Jeremy Finlayson.

It was around that time she began feeling some discomfort¬†in her stomach. She didn’t think much of it though. Back then everyone was intolerant of something, and Finlayson assumed she was in the same boat.

“It was popular for someone to say they had an intolerance to something, like gluten or lactose. It was almost like it was weird if you didn’t have an intolerance,” she tells Mamamia.

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It bothered her enough to visit a naturopath, but the feeling wasn’t going away, even with treatment.

“I was stabilising the symptoms, but it wasn’t fixing them,” she says. “So, I went to see a GP and did a stool sample which came back with some kind of discrepancy.”

“Being a 23-year-old, they’re not going to think it’s anything serious,” Finlayson says, and neither did she. By the time a new appointment was booked eight months later, she was pregnant, and wasn’t able to proceed. Instead, she focused on her pregnancy, and the arrival of¬†her baby daughter, Sophie.