health ‘I’ve been using weight loss injections. Going to the pharmacy feels like a ‘walk of shame’.’ Claire Murphy

This mean girls, ‘you can’t sit with us’ idea that is being given off in this debate about these drugs, like I haven’t earned my thin privilege because I’m not genetically gifted nor did I suffer enough to get there, is rage inducing.

Now I read headlines warning other women not to use it by a woman who is already thin and who openly admitted to overdosing on it. I read how a man blames this drug for the death of his wife, who took it just to lose a few kilos before a wedding, even though the coroner has made no link between her cause of death and the drug.

I am already scared.

I am terrified that I will have to stop using this drug when my supply runs out and I will gain weight again, because the food noise will be back and I won’t have got in control of it just yet.

I’m scared that all the hard work I’ve put into changing my diet, having a full knee replacement and finally being able to exercise again, will go down the drain as soon as I stop.

But I will still use it, because it has been the right choice for me at this stage in my life. It turned off food noise and for the first time in my life, I can think clearly enough to make better choices. I am fitter and healthier now than I was nine months ago and I can thank a multitude of things for that, my doctors, my dietician, my physio and this drug, which none of us should feel ashamed to ask for.

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