travel The 20 unspoken ‘rules’ of plane etiquette. Shannen Findlay

Anyway, it got us here at Mamamia thinking about everything we’ve ever wanted to say to the people who fly with us. 

Because there are RULES, people. Not explicit, lawful rules. Moreso, a list of demands that have been meticulously formed over the years by so many of us who just want to have a good flying experience… for once. 

So without further ado, here are our 20 unspoken commandments of flying. (Disclaimer: these sassy pointers are all meant in good fun. As we always say – you do you.)

Rule #1: Please keep all valuables on your person. 

I’m not sure why people don’t keep their phones in their hands at all times (ahem, probably those who don’t have a phone addiction…), but it NEEDS to stop. 

Getting up multiple times during a flight to grab a pen, then an inhaler, then a pair of headphones is also a waste of everyone’s time… but most of all, theirs.

Rule #2: People who take their shoes off. 

A part of me wants to ask, “In what world would someone do this?” But I already know the answer. Sadly, it is this world. 

To those who feel comfortable getting their dogs out in a confined space with hundreds of other people, I want to say that you frighten me. But also, a part of me deeply respects your ability to simply not give a f**k.

Rule #3: People who leave the restroom dirty.


I sincerely don’t want to see what you had for breakfast. 

Rule #4: Pls sit down. You don’t get a prize for getting off the plane first.

Nuff said.

Rule #5: Why is your hair in my personal space?

You know those people who flip their long, gorgeous hair OVER the chair so it impedes into your personal space? 

If you don’t, then let me just tell you that you’re one of the lucky ones.