travel The best seats to book, and 7 other tips from airline staffers on flying with kids. Shannen Findlay

Flying tip #4: Don’t forget your formula. 

You might be surprised to learn this, but a lot of parents forget to pack formula on flights – domestic flights especially, where the trips are usually shorter. But that doesn’t mean your newborn or toddler won’t get hungry!

Flight attendant Aaron tells Mamamia that some parents assume baby formula is carried on flights, but it’s generally not the case.

“We need to save as much space as possible, so those kinds of inclusions don’t happen,” he explains, adding that if your child is a formula drinker, it’s a good idea to “pack it in your carry-on and we can supply warm water (or boiling water if you want to save it for later) on your flight.”

Don’t forget the bottles, either!

Flying tip #5: Bring a gift.

Flight attendants are rushing as soon as they step foot into an airport, so if you’re keen to get some of that first class treatment, Aaron says taking the time to buy a chocolate block or a bag of lollies for the flight attendants never goes unnoticed.

“We appreciate it and we make sure they know we appreciate it, too,” he tells Mamamia. 

“It obviously isn’t a necessary purchase just to guarantee you will be treated well on a flight – because it is our job to serve you – but it’s like a little tip. Remember, our job is a front-facing customer role, just like a waiter or barista, so to feel appreciated goes a long way in our books.”

Flying tip #6: Let (willing!) staff help.

It goes without saying that not every flight attendant wants to hold your baby, but Aaron tells Mamamia that more often than not, it is a highlight to be able to snuggle with a newborn or cuddly toddler when there are moments of peace on the aircraft!