Villa Hantu: The Abandoned “Ghost Villa” on Lombok

Perched above the volcanic shores of Senggigi, Villa Hantu, the forgotten “Ghost Villa” is now becoming a favorite viewpoint for locals and travelers.

Visiting this abandoned villa, with its graffiti-adorned walls and panoramic ocean vistas has to be one of the most unique things you can do on Lombok.

After numerous trips to Lombok, my friend Dayat finally pointed me towards Villa Hantu, and I decided to check it out for myself. The villa is a concrete skeleton adorned with vibrant murals and street art– so I knew I had to check it out and take some photos.

Interesting Facts About Lombok’s Ghost Villa

Below, I’ll share what I learned from chatting with the locals about its history, along with some photos and recommendations to help you decide if it’s worth a visit when you’re in Senggigi.

  • Origin of the Name: Despite its nickname, “Ghost Villa,” I found there are no actual tales of hauntings here. The name was coined by local youths, who spraypainted “Villa Hantu” (translates to ghost villa) on the front of the building.
  • What happened: Construction on Villa Hantu began several years ago but was halted due to a permit dispute with the government. This means it was never “abandoned”– just left in its current half-finished state.
  • Prime Location for Sunset Views: This villa would have been one hell of a home! The villa’s roof, accessible by a bamboo ladder, is an amazing spot for watching the sunset. It offers expansive views of the ocean, the white sands of Setangi Beach, and on a clear day, Mount Agung in Bali.
  • Spot on the Lombok Loop: This has long been a hidden gem, but more travelers are finding out about it from the popular Lombok Loop trip.

Tip: Watch out for monkeys! This abandoned villa might not have any ghosts, but it is haunted by monkeys who love stealing food from your bags.

Where is Villa Hantu?

Villa Hantu is tucked above Setangi Beach on Lombok’s western shores.

This is near Malaka Village, about 2 kilometers from the popular tourist area of Senggigi, making it a quick and easy detour if you’re spending time on the west coast of the island.

  • How to get there: The villa is best reached by motorbike or car, as public transport options are limited in this area. I recommend renting a motorbike for 100,000-150,000 IDR per day and exploring the nearby Senggigi beaches.
  • Directions: Take the coastal road north of Senggigi. Continue past Senggigi for about 10 minutes until you reach Setangi Beach. Villa Hantu is situated right beside the main road but it’s easy to miss since it’s on the hairpin turn. It’s the headland directly after Malimbu Hill.
  • Parking: There is a parking area adjacent to the villa, where locals will charge a 10,000 IDR fee. I don’t like paying fees but it supports local communities, and they make sure your hike is secure while you explore.
Map showing the location of the senggigi abandoned villaMap showing the location of the senggigi abandoned villa

My Experience at Villa Hantu & What to Expect

On my first visit to Villa Hantu, it was a daytime trip because I was returning south after riding the Lombok Loop. I knew it was hard to miss but since I was following the Google Maps directions it was easy to find.

I noticed some locals were setting up some stalls right in front, selling some snacks and drinks. I was glad to see this– what was once envisioned as a luxury project similar to the villa booms in Bali, which often overshadow local ways of life, had morphed into something quite different.

Abandoned and forgotten, this structure has ironically become a foundation for local economic growth, allowing the community to reclaim and benefit from a project that could have sidelined them.

Exploring the Ghost Villa we found two levels, each offering a different perspective of the surrounding beaches. One striking feature is the large, empty swimming pool which is now sadly filled with trash.

I found a path carved through the dense and steep jungle leading to a secluded beach just north of the villa, featuring a pristine strip of white sand. However, I didn’t head down but chose to climb up the bamboo ladder to the roof to watch the views.

The interior, splashed with layers of graffiti, added a haunting vibe to the place—I know it’s not haunted, but it’s a perfect spot for those who like this kind of photography.

View of Senggigi’s Beaches from the Ghost Villa

From Lombok’s Ghost Villa, you’ll get excellent views directly out to the Lombok Strait through the large concrete frame. On a clear day, you can see Mount Agung and the nearby Gili Islands.

To the north is a nice view of jungle dropping down to a secluded beach. Just to the south (left), is a great view of Ludmila Beach, also called Setangi Beach.

View of setangi beach from the ghost villa in senggigiView of setangi beach from the ghost villa in senggigiView of setangi beach from the ghost villa in senggigi

You Can’t Stay at the Ghost Villa: Here’s Where You Can

Lombok is quickly becoming one of the best places to explore in Indonesia. There are a range of hotels, villas and resorts that offer the ultimate relaxation when visiting Senaru, Kuta, Senggigi and Tetebatu.

Below are four of the top hotel and resort picks for various budgets and travel styles in each area. Alternatively, read my complete guide to Where to Stay in Lombok.

1. Rinjani Lodge Senaru

Offering stunning views over Mount Rinjani it is hard to beat the Rinjani Lodge. Sit by the pool and relax whilst taking in the scenery whilst sipping on a cocktail under the sun.

2. Martas Windows Kuta

Just a short 400m walk from Kuta Beach the Martas Windows is a great pick for those looking for a comfortable stay in villa styled rooms with an outdoor pool and palm tree views.

3. Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort Senggigi

If you’re looking for luxury the Sheraton on Senggigi Beach ticks all the boxes. With a swim up bar, two tennis courts and an on site spa it has something for everyone.

4. Les Rizieres Lombok Tetebatu

Located amongst the rice fields and within walking distance of Tetebatu town the Les Rizieres offers comfortable accommodation with spectacular views and a relaxing atmosphere.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my short but sweet blog post about Lombok’s abandoned Ghost Villa! While you’re here, check out some of my other guides below for more Lombok travel inspiration!