weddings ‘I was bridesmaid at my friend’s destination wedding. She treated me like the hired help.’ Anonymous

That night I slept on a mattress in one of the spare rooms. 

The next morning I was immediately put to work again. Jenna was nowhere to be seen… clearly getting her beauty sleep, but the bridesmaids were to try on their dresses. I was horrified when I saw the gown, which had clearly been selected to fit the other bridesmaids, who were similar in size and stature. It looked ridiculous on me but I had no say in the matter. 

The day before the first wedding involved a lot of work and it was absolutely exhausting with my jetlag. Jenna appeared and said we were having a full dress rehearsal for the photos. I heard her tell her other bridesmaids a professional hairstylist and makeup artist was waiting for them – but when I asked if I should come too, she told me it was family only. 

I did my own hair and makeup as best as I could, but right before the shoot, Jenna asked me to re-do my hair. I felt like I couldn’t win. 

The farm wedding was relatively uneventful, but when I woke up the next morning the groom’s mum told me to get into the kitchen where I was expected to help the paid workers to do the dishes from the night before! I was beginning to think that I’d only been invited to be a helper.