weddings ‘My in-laws invited 10 of their friends to my wedding… without telling me.’ Shannen Findlay

“The only hitch was that my in-laws invited about 10 extra people without telling us,” she continued. “Not relatives or anything – just friends of theirs we did not invite since we don’t know them.”

The bride explained that the extra guests went unnoticed at the ceremony, but the newlyweds quickly became aware of their presence at the wedding reception when there were no seats for them.

“Our best man and groomsmen found a folding table and chairs for them to sit at. There was food, we went with a buffet, but since we sent the tables to eat by number and they didn’t have a number they were sent last after everything had been picked over,” she recalled.

Her in-laws hadn’t notified either the bride or the groom about the extra guests, leaving them “embarrassed” that their friends were put in an awkward position.

“I very politely asked them what they expected when they invited people without telling the people planning the wedding,” the bride recounted, before adding that her parents-in-law demanded she apologise to the wedding gatecrashers.

“I said I would, but I would also explain that they had not actually been invited. If they wanted their guests told anything else then they had to go explain,” she wrote.

Following the incident, which left the bride’s new in-laws unhappy, the gatecrashing guests uncomfortable, and the groom clearly… uninvolved, the bride says there is now a lot of tension in the family.