weddings The 2024 wedding trends are a little bit controversial. Erin Docherty

7. Simple bouquets… or none at all.

The bouquet is officially dead, friends. While floral installations will be booming, WedShed predicts couples will continue to ditch traditions that don’t feel relevant to them — whether it’s traditions like cake cutting, the garter toss and yes, even the bridal bouquet.

Whole some brides will go for smaller, low-key bouquets, others will totally ditch them.

“Beyond being held during the ceremony and in some photos, the bouquet doesn’t really get a whole lot of air-time during the day, so it makes sense for many brides to scale these down in favour of putting the budget somewhere more impactful.”

8. Digital wedding registries.

Sometimes you really don’t need a fifth carafe. You know? In 2024, couples will be asking for what they really need (read: money) through digital registries, which are apparently on the rise. Whether it’s asking for a donation for their honeymoon fund or to help buy a house, it’s all about allowing couples to gather money for what they’ll actually need (and use). The best part about it? No more last-minute dash to the ATM for unorganised guests (all of us). Win-win.

9. Thoughtful spending.

In news to absolutely no one, weddings can be expensive. And arguably, a lot of it is unnecessary. 

So, with cost-of-living on the rise and the fact that a packet of crisps now costs $8, in 2024 couples will continue to carefully consider what’s really important to them and ditch the unnecessary fluff.