wellness ‘I use The Lobster Score to keep my stress in check. Here’s how it works.’ Lucy Wark

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Some people manage stress by going for a wine, a massage, or a Netflix binge (and believe me, I do all of those) — but I also am a spreadsheet girl, so I created a system to help keep me accountable and help me spot my patterns. 

I used to believe I could think my way out of being stressed — but my body would hit back and let me know that wasn’t working until I started managing it properly. Whatever your preferred remedy is, being aware and accountable is the first step to making your work more sustainable. 

Tracking my ‘lobster score’ alongside other metrics like exercise, sleep and caffeine consistently also made it impossible to keep being in denial about some unhealthy patterns (hello, ‘working late, drinking more, missing sleep, cancelling spin classes, drinking even more coffee and becoming anxious’ my old friend).

If you’d like to experiment with tracking your own lobster score, here’s a template you can copy and use — feel free to pass it on to anyone you know who needs it as well! 

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